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Kris Hamrick

Brave Explorer of the Fairy Realm

The journey into the wonderful world of fae began in June 2003, when artistry took on a 3-D form. But the true adventure started in childhood with an imagination always set in fantasy worlds. Endless days playing with a close childhood friend in which many lands were explored. Whether we swam as mermaids in a secluded lagoon, or as treasure hunters fighting off the fiercest beast. Imagination is what shaped every moment of juvenile life. When fanciful dreams gave way to adulthood desires in pursuit of another avenue into the mind’s eye. Attending Columbia College, graduating Cum Laude with a BA in Advertising and Illustration, the world turned away from 2D towards the hands-on world of sculpting. Never being formally trained, the medium directed each piece, fantasy one-of-a-kinds emerged. After several years of exploring the fairy realm, an opportunity to attend Jack Johnston’s professional class presented itself. Through kind mentoring and encouragement, the fairy family attended its first doll show in January 2006, as part of the Professional Doll Maker’s Guild booth. While in attendance, one of the mischievous fairies captured the heart of a collectables manufacture, with the first piece to be debuted in December 2006. After attending several more shows in 2006, other distributors adopted additional faes with TBA release dates. But the pinnacle of 2006 came with winning of the President Choice award at Expo. These little fairies and beings of fantasy continue to dance in the mind of this artist. Every new fae that is captured eagerly hopes to steal your heart and be adopted into a loving new home.