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A journey of great discipline & endurance must be taken to find this secretive piece.



You could be the key to unlock the mystery of this magical fae. Close your eyes and tell us what you see. Does this magical being have dark hair or blonde? Is it child of the fairy folk? Or do you see the adult fae skipping though the woods?


Help us to find the reality of this little being so that we can facilitate the capture and adoption of the woodland creature. The road to adoption of one of these precious creatures….


No deposit to start a commission, firm quotes, layaway available. An open line of communication through email.

Please understand a piece may never be recreated; all pieces are one-of-a-kind & therefore impossible to duplicate. Great effort taken to give you the "feeling" you fell in love with

Commission may take as long as a month to complete.Artists reserves the right to the creative specifics. Position desires and clothing styles may be expressed but ultimately the artist will allow creative inspiration to guide the piece.
      You will be purchasing only the OOAK piece and not the rights to reproduce them or their likeness. All pieces are copyrighted and the property of the artist, Kris Hamrick. Photos for publication or distribution is strictly prohibited unless written authorization is obtained from the artist.